1. Teri Mauch

    We bought a brand new Courtyard Creations Outdoor Fireplace (Propane Tank, and the tank is new and full), model TGS46GC. I cannot get it to light. When I hold in the knob and turn it to pilot, there is a tiny blue flame at the pilot light but it doesn’t look like it is large enough to heat the thermocouple sensor, and it goes out as soon as I release the knob. The hose screws on to the tank and connects to the fireplace via a quick connect coupler, which is fully engaged and tight (no leaks with soap bubble test). Any ideas? Thanks.

    • admin

      It definitely sounds like a gas supply issue. The pilot flame should engulf the thermocouple. Start by making sure that any shutoff valves are fully on, and that the valve on the top of the propane tank is fully open.

      If you have a manometer handy (gas pressure tester), you could check the incoming gas pressure to the valve by testing the pressure on the “inlet” screw (unscrew the inlet screw and put your manometer on it). This should be at least 25 psig as indicated in the manual.

      Essentially, there could be blockage in your pilot tube or you could have a faulty gas regulator hose.

      Try unscrewing the pilot tube and the valve and blow through it a few times to make sure there is no blockage.

      • Teri Mauch

        The tank valve is fully open. I will check out the other things you mentioned. Thanks very much!

  2. Richard McNeill

    Hi There

    My Name is Richard McNeill and I am the fireplace geek and I wanted to do the same sort of thing as you, Any chance we can team up together and I handle Canada and you handle the US…
    Need some help on my page but have been the business for 15 years.

    Own a store and know the products inside and out.

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